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Save time and forget those spreadsheets. DAiLY is the only software you need to reduce the stress of running a business more efficiently.

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State-Of-The-Art Maintenance Management System

DAiLY is a digital maintenance management platform that gives you a simple and effective tool to monitor your critical business assets. From storing comprehensive asset information, managing day-to-day maintenance workloads and scheduling preventive maintenance and inspections, Daily makes it easier for you to focus on the most important tasks.
Simple Fleet Setup

Asset Management

Add your critical business asset into DAiLY and customise to the manufacturers service types and recommended intervals.

Simple Fleet Setup

Preventive Maintenance

Reduce equipment failures and minimise downtime by creating maintenance schedules either by time or user-based frequencies.

Simple Fleet Setup

Work Order Alerts

Keep your fleet compliant and ensure you never miss another service. DAiLY reminds you when services are due via email alerts and on-screen notifications for flexible scheduling.

Simple Fleet Setup

Complete Snapshot

DAiLY summarises your assets on a simple and informative dashboard that allows you to schedule or take immediate action on any pending service or maintenance.

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