Daily is the ultimate fleet management solution for transport and fixed plants
Easy Fleet Setup DAiLY

Easy Fleet Setup

Setup your entire fleet in a few simple steps. Your fleet can be any kind of asset that requires regular maintenance, whether it be, fixed or mobile plant, on or off road and any piece of equipment. You can then manage this anywhere in the world across multiple locations.

Intuitive Dashboard

The dashboard allows you to visualise where your fleet is at all times by display notifications about service and maintenance items when they are due. Configure Daily for all intervals and warnings and receive daily emails to keep you up to date.

DAiLY Dashboard
DAiLY Fleet Maintenance

Smooth Fleet Management

Ongoing management of your fleet is easy with pre-populated simple and customisable service and maintenance check lists. Each check list can be configured to suit each type of equipment or machine you are servicing making it a perfect fit for your servicing and maintenance requirements. Daily gives you searchable history to monitor your fleet of equipment and assets for preventative maintenance and ongoing running costs.

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